Pregnancy care

A Good homeopathic consultation prior to conception can prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. You don’t start with a back log of drugs with uncertain side effects on you and your growing fetus. If you have missed out on the pre pregnancy care It is never too late to turn to homeopathy for your pregnancy care. During pregnancy, some women will choose to live with the discomfort of minor complaints such as morning sickness or heartburn, rather than seek treatment because they are concerned about the possible side effects of orthodox medicines on their unborn child.

Staying as healthy as possible during pregnancy, you are giving your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive. Many homeopaths will also offer advice on your diet and lifestyle to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth.Self-care with homeopathy during pregnancy can be rewarding.

Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may cause minor health problems such as nausea, mild urinary problems, diarrhea, heartburn, anemia, varicose veins, backache, cramps, thrush or emotional distress. All these problems and more potentially complicated symptoms such as raised blood pressure can also be helped by professional homeopathic treatment.

Homeopaths differentiate between acute symptoms and chronic symptoms. Acute symptoms represent self-protective efforts of the organism dealing with some type of recent stress or infection. Chronic symptoms, in comparison, refer to recurrent, unsuccessful efforts of the organism to re-establish health. Such symptoms may persist because the person is constitutionally weakened from genetic, lifestyle, or environmental factors and/or because the person is continually stressed or frequently re-infected . Sometimes what seems to be an acute symptom is actually the result of an underlying chronic condition. Instead of prescribing a medicine primarily for the most prominent symptom, the homeopath may prescribe a "constitutional" medicine which is individualized to the totality of a woman's symptoms in the light of her present state as well as her family's health history.

Since pregnancy can be particularly stressful to a woman's body, women often experience exacerbations of previous health problems or various new symptoms. Some of these common symptoms and conditions are nausea, abdominal gas, vaginal infections, bladder infections, herpes, insomnia, anemia, backaches, breast swelling and swelling in general, constipation, hemorrhoids, leg cramps, skin eruptions, and varicose veins. it is reasonable and prudent to consider first trying homeopathic medicines for many non-emergency medical conditions.

There are various homeopathic medicines that are often effective in diminishing the nausea, vomiting and indigestion common to morning sickness

Sepia (cuttlefish)
Nux vomica (poison nut)
Colchicum (meadow saffron)
Silicea (silica)
Ipecacuaha (Ipecac)
Pulsatilla (windflower)
Symphoricarpusracemosa (snowberry)


During pregnancy, it is especially important to eat well, from a wide range of foods as this will provide you with the extra trace minerals and vitamins that you need. If you are on a restricted diet or wish to take vitamin and mineral supplements, then it is important that you do so on the advice of a competent nutritionist. Increase your intake of iron-rich foods to keep up with an increased demand. Foods rich in iron include green, leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, dried peaches and apricots, beans and lentils, whole grains, seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), nuts and eggs.

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron so take a fresh citrus drink with a meal to increase your iron intake.

Avoid tea, especially with a meal, as it actually prevents iron from being absorbed. Iron tablets often have side effects such as constipation so ask your homeopath about safe homeopathic alternatives if you need extra iron and are not able to get it from your diet.

Many of the above foods (especially black-eye beans, blackstrap molasses and peanuts) are also high in folic acid, an important trace mineral that helps with the absorption of iron and is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Do avoid smoking and alcohol as these are bad for your health and that of your unborn child.

Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep and to exercise regularly.

Yoga has been found to be particularly helpful during pregnancy. It’s a non -medical way to ease out the stresses of pregnancy and most of the minor ailments during pregnancy can be alleviated with yoga. Moreover it keeps the body active and muscles strong with helps during labor and recovery of the body after delivery.