Every child has their unique patterns of growth and maturity with makes it difficult to set a standard which can be called as ‘normal’ growth and development. All kids misbehave some times and have temporary behaviour problems due to stresses like the birth of a sibling, a divorce or a death in the family to name a few .

Behaviour disorders are more serious and long standing, for over more than 6 months They involve a pattern of hostile, aggressive, or disruptive behaviours inappropriate for the child's age.

Acts to look out for include:

  • Harming self or threatening other people or pets
  • Damaging or destroying things
  • Lying or stealing
  • Falling performances at school, skipping school
  • Early smoking, drinking or drug use

Homeopathic Approach To The Childhood Behavioural Problems

  • Homeopathic philosophy considers every person as a unique individual, who is evolved very different from all other individuals’ right from its conception. Every individual has a mental, physical and emotional plane of development through which they ultimately evolve to be a characteristic person, which is the basis of their Constitution.During their developmental period any ambiguity at any of the three planes namely mental, physical or emotional can lead to a disharmony in their being, which manifests itself as a disease or a disorder.


Homeopathic care is a great benefit for the healthy development of children as it deals with the entire pattern of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics of children - basic constitution. The primary reason to find out the child’s constitution is

  • It will tell you what your child’s susceptibilities are.
  • It can show you what stresses are most likely to bring about illness. Avoiding these stresses comprises what we term “primary prevention” in health care.