Alzheimer's disease is a neurologicaldisorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. A neurodegenerative type of dementia, the disease starts mild and gets progressively worse.Alzheimer's is caused by brain cell death.


  • It is a neurodegenerative disease, which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens over a course of time.
  • The total brain size shrinks - the tissue has progressively fewer nerve cells and connections.
  • Amyloid Plaques are found between the dying cells in the brain

Homeopathy In Alzheimer’s

  • Homeopathy works on the concept of approaching the individuals as a whole with all his signs and Symptoms and not just the disease name, hence there is a wide scope to manage the disease symptom by symptom and also arrest the progress of the brain damage, depending on the stage at which treatment is availed.