Bleeding from the nose is medically called epistaxis. It is usually harmless but can require medical attention depending on the cause.


Anterior- when the bleeding occurs from the anterior part of the nostrils from the nasal septum at the littles’ area. This is the most common form.

Posterior- when the bleeding occurs from little farther in the nose from the posterior part of the inferior meatus, this is the more severe form which requires medical attention.


  • Blood dripping from the nostril, usually bright red and sudden onset. In rare and severe cases esp involving systemic disorders
  • Vomiting , nausea if excess blood flow leading to swallowing.
  • Bleeding from eyes if nasolacrimal vessels are affected.


Two masses of soft tissue at either sides of the back of our throat ,collection of lymphoid cells are the tonsils, situated specifically facing the aero digestive tract. The most commonly referred to tonsils are the palatine ones. These immunocompetant organs are the first line of defence to the disease causing substances ingested or inhaled.


  • Pathogens – streptococcus A bacteria, cosackie virus, cytomegalovirus, adenovirus.
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Malnurishment
  • Poor general health